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KETRA Departments

The mandate of this Directorate is to provide both Boards’ Secretariat as per Clause 1.21 of Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations; and Legal Services to the Agency.

The functions of the Directorate include: -Provide guidance to the Board on their duties and responsibilities and on matters of governance; Assist the Board in carrying out; Board induction and training, Updating the Board and Committee charters, Preparation of Board work plans, Board evaluation, Governance audit, Implementation of the code of conduct and Ethics; Ensure the timely preparation of Board and Committee papers; Ensure timely circulation of Board and Committee papers; Take and keep committee minutes; Maintain and update the register of conflicts of interest; Ensure that Board members are aware of all relevant laws affecting the organization; Facilitate effective communication between the organization and the stakeholders; Ensure that annual returns are promptly filed with the relevant authorities; Except in exceptional circumstances, ensure that Board and Committee chairmen briefs are circulated in advance of any meeting; Coordinate all litigation issues; Provide guidance on governance and adherence to statutory obligations; Prepare and ensure appropriate execution of all contracts; Prepare documentation for acquisition of land and any other property; Registration of various legal instruments; Take Custody of all contracts and ownership documents; Take custody and coordinate fixing of the common seal; Provide legal guidance on contractual and statutory obligations binding to the Agency and its legal duties; and Ensure that all Board papers are accurately written, are relevant and are availed to the Board members in good time.

The Department is responsible for ensuring that KETRA adopts and implements effective strategies for achieving KETRA’s mandate as prescribed in Section 5 & 10 of the Kenya Trade Remedies Act.  It is also responsible for developing and implementing policies and strategies relating to Corporate Planning, Corporate Performance Management, Quality Management, Resource Centre, Knowledge Management, Corporate Research & Innovation and Corporate Risk Management Coordination.  Its functions include; Coordinate the development, review and implementation of policies, procedures, strategies and programmes relating to Corporate Planning, Corporate Performance Management, Quality Management, Knowledge Management, Corporate Research & Innovation, and Resource Mobilization and Partnerships; Coordinate the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of KETRA’s strategic plan and annual work plans; Coordinate the preparation, implementation and monitoring of KETRA’s performance contract; Coordinate the implementation and maintenance of KETRA’s Quality Management System in line with the relevant applicable Standard(s); Coordinate KETRA’s risk management function; Develop inter-agency relationships to facilitate achievement of KETRA mandate; Develop KETRA’s research agenda in coordination with other departments and stakeholders; Knowledge management and repository for sector data and statistics; Publication and dissemination of research papers and statistical reports to the industry; Develop policy proposals that support innovation and growth of KETRA; Collaborate with international, regional and national organizations on best practice for promotion and growth of the sector ; Coordinate the preparation of periodic corporate performance reports; Coordinate process performance analysis and business process review in relation to the quality management system; Coordinate corporate research and innovation in line with the relevant guidelines; Coordinate the dissemination of research findings and maintain a repository of research papers; Develop and implement departmental annual work plan, procurement plan and budget.

The directorate is anchored under Section 73 of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act of 2012, Regulations 160 of the PFM (National Government) Regulations of 2015 and Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations. The directorate is responsible for evaluating the state of internal control, risk management and governance processes within KETRA and providing independent assurance and advice to the Board and management. Its functions include; Develop, review & implement Internal Audit Policies, strategies and procedures, regulations and guidelines; Provide assurance and advisory services on governance, risk mitigation, management processes and making appropriate recommendations for improvement; Evaluate effectiveness of the risk management processes in the Agency (KETRA) and make recommendations for improvement; Assist the Agency in maintaining effective controls by evaluating their effectiveness, efficiency and by promoting continuous improvement; Provide assurance of compliance with accounting standards and making appropriate recommendations; Facilitate development and implementation of Internal Audit Charter; Provide secretariat services to the Audit & Risk Management Committee of the Board; Develop an Audit Work Plan, implement and report on progress; Provide advisory/consulting services as required by the Board and Management; Facilitate external audit process and carry out corrective actions; and Monitor and report on performance progress and risk mitigation activities in the Unit; Carry out risk based, value for money systems audit aimed at strengthening internal controls, compile and issue internal audit reports; Review and evaluate budgetary performance, financial management, transparency and accountability mechanisms and processes with regard to the finances and assets of KETRA; Evaluate the adequacy and reliability of information available to management for making decisions with regard to KETRA and its operations; Conduct special/adhoc audits requested by the Board or management; Monitor the implementation of recommendations given by the external auditor; Develop and implement departmental annual work plan, procurement plan and budget.

The Directorate provides strategic direction in Finance & Accounts, human resource management, information technology and corporate communication. Its functions include; Develop, review and implement policies, plans and strategies in the functional areas of Finance, Human Resource (HR) &Administration, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Corporate Communications; Ensure the financial prudence and discipline for financial accounting, planning, treasury management and budgetary controls in compliance to existing laws and Government policies; Prepare financial statements and statutory returns; Coordinate staff performance management, training and development; Manage KETRA’s rewards and sanctions policy; Ensure prudent management of KETRA’s assets; Manage KETRA’s ICT infrastructure and systems;  Promote the use of ICT in KETRA; and Develop, review and implement KETRA’s branding, publicity and advertising programs; Develop and implement directorate’s annual work plan, procurement plan and budget.